My Story 


My father taught me that anything was possible as long as I was prepared to work for it and back myself.  So I did.


I started my first "sidehustle" when I was at school, editing student essays which led to my obsession with writing ...and sidehustle number 1. 


When I finished school I studied to become a journalist and developed a well respected niche as a freelance writer. I've written for Marie Claire, Sunday Telegraph, Body + Soul, Lorna Jane's Move Nourish Believe, Huffington Post, Newscorp media and 


Through my journalism career I learned the tricks of the PR trade which proved to be one of my most prized skills...

What next?

I took a break, went travelling, went back to school to study a degree in Business Administration and pursued the corporate life.   Working side by side with some of the most inspiring CEO's has been an enormous privilege.  It was here that I studied very closely all the behind the scenes aspects of running a business.

and then came the on line world

When I discovered the online universe, it was a done deal. I was straight up obsessed and my future was sealed.


But kids first...


In 2006 and 2009 my world changed with the arrival of two amazing kids.   It was during mat leave that I first dipped my toes into e-commerce (aka side hustle) and never looked back.  I established a business selling mother and baby accessories and had a taste of the potential of passive income.    Within a few months my next biz was born "Bed Love Home"  I sold premium Egyptian cotton bed linen and accessories.  Bed Love Home became a juggernaut and grew to selling both online and into department stores.    


Social media became my new language.  I learnt all about the gloriously convoluted, smoke and mirror world of search engine optimisation. I studied sales and marketing, product development and manufacturing.  I became an expert in negotiating, buying and selling, import and export, drop shipping and on line store curating.   I sold the business at its peak in 2015.


In 2016 I became an advocate for the side hustle and over the following 3 years interviewed on Radio and TV discussing return-to-work strategies for working mothers and the rise of the female start-up era.


I now educate budding entrepreneurs how to set up their own startups, side hustles and main hustles.

My course is for every person who wants to find more meaning in their work and life, transform their idea into a real life business, change the world with their idea or even just their own lives.  And to experience the powerful high of being the master of your financial future.  

I take serious pride in leading my students from start to launch for their own business - providing clarity, direction and confidence, as well as the tools and support needed to launch their business successfully.  


If you’re ready to create a sustainable business that feels as good as it looks, jump over to my course.

Dianne Ward