3 night time routines to get shit done

I believe in the ideal that a good day depends on how you set yourself up the night before...Things you do immediately before going to be do set the scene for tomorrow...

There are a few things that I do, and they're really important to set me on the straight and narrow for the next day.

Plan your day

Before you go to bed, slow down, take a break and plan your tomorrow, set your itentions of how you want your day to unfold from start to finish.

Review your goals every single night

Reality is, for most people, goals are set and forget. Don't do that. Have them bedside to review each night before you go tot bed. Visualize the goals happening or read them out loud. Repast every single night.

Practice gratitude

Doesn't need to be a lengthy exercise - send a thank you text, or say thanks out loud for your health and wellbeing. Program your mind to think in abundance and not scarcity. Doe this every single night...

It's often the little things that have the greatest impact...