4 Steps to finding your niche

So, you want to start a business, but the thing that's holding you back is the niche you know you need to choose. And, honestly, this can be tricky:


You could list all of your interests and passions and still come away feeling as if you haven't hit upon the singular thing you were meant to do.

And then…putting that kind of pressure on yourself to choose the exact right niche is going to cause some paralysis.


Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself that will help:

1. Identify the talents and skills you’re good at.

2. Out of the above talents and skills, what do you enjoy doing most?

3. Of those talents and skills you enjoy, what do people need?

4. From the above needs, what will people pay big money for?

When you break it down to these 4 questions, kinda makes it a bit easier.