how to let your authenticity shine through

It's challenging to remain authentic and true to yourself in a sea of temptation to be like others....

Remember – authentic businesses inspire and prosper. A bold statement – but one that is very had to argue with.

There are 7 straight forward ways to harness your authenticity.

Be accountable

If you make a mistake, be professional enough to admit it, Everyone has flaws – its what makes us human.

Highlight your reputation

Testimonials from real people (with real names and genuine photographs) are powerful aides to authenticity.

Know your limits.

Words with little value will do little for building your reputation. Equally don’t feel obliged to share more than you’re comfortable with – there’s not need to give away the secret to mama’s special sauce…

Be real

Share your passions and your mission and get back to basics. Who are you? What drives you?

Be consistent

IN your messaging, product quality, integrity and style…. Giving mixed messages easily leads to suspicion and mistrust.

Back up what you say

Authenticity goes hand in hand with being transparent, so avoid any embarrassment by never making claims you can’t prove.

Respect privacy

Be up front and sooth any fears your customers may have regarding sharing their personal info with you by clearly and succinctly stating your privacy policy alongside any request for contact information.