How to write a kickass blog or ad headline

Yeh, I work like a trojan.

My head is ALWAYS ticking over on new things, new ways, new ideas. But I play hard too. So which is more important, work hard or play hard?

Of course, that's a rhetorical question because a well-rounded life depends on both.

The components of a great ad are similar. Which is most important? The headline? The graphics? The copywriting? The offer? The call to action?

The livelihood of a good ad depends on them all, so it’s hard to argue that one is more important than another.

But we could argue that the headline is first among equals because, without it, people will not read, watch or listen to our ads.

The first step to writing a knock out headline is to ask yourself this question…

⭐️“Who am I talking too”?⭐️

A great way to figure that out is by sitting down and thinking deeply about who your customer is, create a detailed description of your target customers right down to their names, incomes, interests, addresses and the cars they drive.

It’s a waste of time to begin writing your headlines until you’re clear about who you’re talking to.

So for example, here’s my ideal customer…

“She works full time and starting a hustle on the side. She’s got her website platform, but completely adrift when it comes to using the right words and marketing tactics for her business to reach its full potential. She exercises, but never shies away from her food. She’s prepared to hustle hard for financial independence. She has young children and whilst her side hustle is her passion, she always has her family and their wellbeing firmly in mind”.

So now that I’ve humanised my customer, my work becomes a lot easier.