Passion is not always the way

I don’t think you need to be passionate about what you're doing, I think you have to be passionate about WHY you are doing...

Allow me to explain - you don’t have to start a side hustle around something you’re passionate about. There are thousands of people who have lucrative, successful businesses that are quite unsexy - but what drives them isn’t the work. What drives them is what it does for their life.

So, a mum who was laid off can now pick her kids up from school because she has started building websites at night. A recent college grad who does virtual assistant work in her spare time is able to make extra payments on her student loan. A software engineer who builds small apps on the side can save up for a down payment on a house.

All of these things: picking up your children, paying off your debt or buying a home are what we’re passionate about. The means to getting there doesn’t always have to be the thing we’re passionate about. When we believe that we have to be uber passionate about our side hustle, we can get quite paralyzed in our thinking and end up not starting at all. That’s not what a side hustle is for. A side hustle can be a bridge to helping you achieve your goals, fund your dream business or turn into your main hustle. It’s totally up to you…

Dianne Ward