why finding your niche is key to side hustle success

By Craig Wolfe

CEO of Celebriducks

I started two successful businesses and became the top in both of these niches. Finding niches is kind of what I do. The key is to look for an area that is either something no-one is thinking about, or an area that is not being fully served...something that you can bring value to do and enhance the whole category by doing so.

Ideally, it should also be something you love as when you get into niche marketing, you have to move like a ninja warrior...very fast, very focused, and have great energy. This is much easier and possible when its an area you have a great passion for. Niche marketing is most successful when you are moving with your passions and interests and not just looking for something that will make a lot of money.

There are a ton of niche possibilities out there...endless really....that's why you really have to do your research. Remember, just because you feel passionate about it does not mean it is a good niche to put your time and money into. Do your research to the extreme to see what is out there and if your idea is already being done or is something that is not being done due to no real demand for it. Often you will not fully know which is why you have to get a lot of feedback from people you trust before you start investing in it.. Any niche can work if it is a needed niche and any niche won't work if it is interesting to just you and a few others.

If you pick a niche and it is not working, it is either because it is still too early to get traction, it is a poor choice, or you have not yet gotten above the radar due to lack of funding. All good things take time, but just because it is taking time does not mean it is a good thing.....again, that's where getting a lot of good feedback will help. Do not throw good money and time after a bad idea.

About Craig Wolfe

Craig is the largest publisher of advertising/animation art creating the first ever animation art lines for Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Bush, M&M Mars, Nike, etc. Craig sold this business to create CelebriDucks which is considered the top custom rubber duck manufacturer in the world and was voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly......who knew!

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